Questions Series


Does God Matter? What is truth? Isn’t the God of Christianity an angry judge? What should I do with my doubts? How can there be just one true religion? Isn’t the Bible full of contradictions? What does Christianity say about gender dysphoria, social justice, equality and rights?

Hold on to your seats… we are going to open the intellectual and emotional box of curiosities and gather insight so that we build confidence in our convictions. Too, we desire to inspire a greater capacity to love those who disagree. It is going to be GREAT!

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Time & Location

We meet on Thursday nights from 7-8:30pm at Fellowship Bible Church Dallas (9330 N. Central Expy., 75231 – behind Total Wine & Bed, Bath, & Beyond). You can view the dates below in Schedule of Topics section.

Topic Presenters:

Dr. Joel Housholder, Dr. Mel Cure, Dr. Fred Chay, Dr. Gary Brandenburg, Caleb Crutchfield, Drew Kiesling

Topic Presenters:

Media Content

Use the topic resources below and review all the sessions with the media content in this section.

The Problem of Evil: If God is God, why won't he fix it?

By: Dr. Fred Chay

Session 6 Audio - Does the Bible Really Say That?

By: Dr. Mel Cure

Session 5 Audio - The Bible: History or Myth 2 & The Wizard Behind the Curtain.

By: Caleb Crutchfield & Dr. Mel Cure

Session 4 Audio - The Bible: Same as It Ever Was? And History or Myth?

By: Dr. Joel Housholder and Caleb Crutchfield

Session 3 Audio - Bang! How it all Got Started: Case for a Creator

By: Caleb Crutchfield

Session 2 Audio - The World We View Depends on Our Worldview

By: Dr. Fred Chay

Session 1 Audio - God, We've Moved On: The Rise of Secularism and Its Impact on Culture

By: Dr. Joel Housholder